This company has the worst customer service I have ever seen! After disputing multiple things they’ve sold the contract to a collection agency and I can’t even return the instrument.

I’m being charged three times what this thing is worth! There were billing problems from the beginning it should’ve been canceled back at the beginning!

Product or Service Mentioned: Music And Arts Violin Rental.

Store Location: 273 E 29th St b, Loveland, CO 80538, USA

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I have a similar issue. The are total scammers.

I was renting to own and they have $2600 of my money but I now they say can only use $900 for a cello and they get to keep the rest!!

Total scam. Small claims court is my only option at this point I guess.


im totally agree


Same hear originally thought it was rent to own. I have already paid it off once and then some, but there saying I only have half the amount in rental credits.

So to buy it out right I still owe more then half rhe balance for a new one... Why cant I keep what I have now

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