I feel Music & Arts presents misleading information to parents about the Rent-To-Own program. After the 9-month trial period, which we did, with the monthly fee being applied to buy the instruments, for which I recall about $249 value (Clarinet).

A year and a half later, when I am asking why I am still paying nearly $40 a month to rent the instrument -- that Music & Arts now says the instrument my son is using had a price tag of $1400 (Conn-Selmer CL301). Looking on line, I see comparable instruments, new, retailing for market value of about $379 at Conn-Selmer retailers.

So, having rented for 15 months to the tune of $476.85 AND I DONT OWN IT. Plus my monthly damage waiver fee, of $6.35 (x15 months is another $95).

What a racket -- Shame on Music & Arts -- and shame on me for wasting this much money-- and Shame on my school district for not trying for a better partner for kids learning an instrument.

I'm returning my son's clarinet to buy a used, probably higher quality instrument. (This is what's wrong with corporate America). I'm annoyed and feel mislead.

I'll let other parents I know - to go get a good used or new instrument online.

I will speak with my school's band directors and encourage them to consider another partner. Unbelievable.

This person wrote the review because of not as described of music and arts musical instrument rent to own program from Music And Arts. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Music And Arts to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

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